The NRF: New Russian Federation

The NRF: New Russian Federation:

(Novaya Rossiyskaya Federatsiya – Новая Российская Федерация ) is one of the most powerful factions within both the Technosphere and the Independent Sol System (ISS).


Languages:  Official: Russian. Common: English 27 others co-official in various regions

Population: 3.1 billion

Ethnic groups: 69% Russians, 5.6% Tatars, 4% NA, 3% British, 3.4% Ukrainians, 1.1% Bashkirs, 1% Chuvashes, 12.9% Others and Unspecified

Capital: Moscow, Earth (ISS). New Moscow (Korolev)

Government: Federal semi-presidential republic

Exo-Planets: Tsiolkovsky, Korolev, Tikhonravov, Chertok (M), Tsander, Gagarin, Komarov (M), Tereshkova, Leonov, Pravda (Protectorate)

Moons: 22

Stones: 245

Orbitals:  12,055

Docks: 1

Registered Habitats:  1181

Technology Quotient Range:  4.7 – 11.3


The NRF evolved from the pre-Intervention nation of the Russian Federation after the “Democratic” July Revolution followed closely by the “Communist” counter-revolution commonly dubbed “The Facebook Revolution” by the rest of the world.

The NRF is a Federal Semi-Presidential Republic, which has freehold on 9 EE (Earth-Equivalent) planets, 22 moons, 245 Asteroidal-Bases (Stones) and around 12,055 man0made orbitals. (It is also the Protectorate for the planet “Pravda” whilst the biosphere recovers and pending full investigation of the Federal French for planetary mismanagement by G.OT.A.) The NRF has 1181 Senate seats representing all of its Habitats within its “faction” and has held close, but fractious, ties with the UK (and therefore the UKS)  ever since the UK assisted in the Facebook Revolution to topple the democrats who had seized power through a military coup d’état.

Whilst the Technosphere holdings of the NRF are often considered very high for its relative size its planets are typically mid-EE with a predilection for high-G environments where its boosted citizens have far less trouble adapting than normalised humans. This willingness to utilize higher-G environments has meant that it was often the only applicant for them, resulting in its rapid take-up of Exo-property.

The NRF holdings outside of Sol make it the second largest Exo-property holder after China and it has the largest military land forces of any Technosphere group. The NRF has a vast number of orbitals (only China has more) many of which are dedicated low-G factories and bionics laboratories.

The Sol-holdings of the NRF cover the traditional sphere of the old Russian Federation as well as a number of now-defunct bordering nations which are embroiled in the continuing “Afghan Wars”. The NRF maintains a high military presence in these areas despite Earth-Gov demands to withdraw as it acts as a buffer against the advances of Hegemony forces and an ideal training ground for its own troops and military equipment.

The refusal of the NRF to remove its forces from the lands bordering the Hegemony has put it technically at a state of war with EarthGov and particularly the USA (Unified States of America) although the latter’s inability to take any military action (for fear of UKS embargo) means that the NRF is allowed to do pretty much as it wishes along its borders.

A number of old-Earth countries have been assimilated into the NRF, the most important of which being Kazakhstan with its vast natural resources and active spaceport with orbital lift.

NRF economics place it 5th in GDP within the Technosphere and 4th within the ISS. Its’ ISS currency is the rouble and it uses the Credit within the Technosphere itself. Current rate of exchange is 4.7 roubles to 1 Credit.

Total population is approximately 3.1 billion containing 5 major ethnic groups the most significant of which is (Solstan) Russian comprising 69% of its total population. The NRF now has an almost 3% population sector of British descendants although these are almost exclusively resident in the Technosphere, not in the ISS.

The NRF includes a single AI, one of the original Five, although it is believed that this AI (Pan, named after the Russian theoretician) is fully somnambulant.

NRF Military forces are well trained and well equipped with a tendency to avoid high-tech reliance although there is a proportionally higher percentage of NRF troops that have been “boosted” (bio-enhanced) than in any other military. This is mostly due to the NRFs acknowledged leadership in bionics and its inhabitants open acceptance of bio-enhancements within its Habitat laws and day-to-day society.

NRF Standard Infantry wear relatively heavy armour plating of cerametal with a reliance on boosted musculature of the soldier him/herself to carry the relatively heavy weight of such “low-tech” armour.

NRF space forces are second only to the UKS although its actual manpower numbers are far higher due to the UKS dependency upon robotic troops. NRF space-fleet numbers are ranked 5th (371 vessels of various types) however it is currently engaged in a massive build-up now that it has access to its own space-docks and is no longer reliant on leasing UKS or Chinese ship building sites.

Its weapons tend to be the most modern of its home-grown CPW (Chemical Projectile Weapons) systems, Kalashnikov remaining the most common “name” although there is no direct involvement of the Kalashnikov family in the arms industry any more. (Copyright ownership of the name Kalashnikov remains in the family whose wealth is almost wholly dependent on the continued popularity of its sportswear, vodka and sunglasses.)

All NRF standard infantry weapons are high-powered and adjusted for boosted musculature, making them difficult to use by normal humans, the emphasis on high-power making them able to damage, if not penetrate, the high-TQ carbon-composite armours of factions such as the T-DF, T-PEA and elite forces of the UKS.

The secondary, but major, benefit of using what are essentially low-tech weapons is that the NRF can export and use them within the ISS. Meaning that NRF troops can “train” in a live environment using their standard weapons and armours against either Hegemony or Empire forces.Those nations which use high-tech weapons or ‘geneered’ (GENetically enginEERED) troops are banned from entrance to the ISS and therefore troops training there have to use weapons, armour and system that they will not use out in the Technosphere. This has resulted in the NRF having the largest body of combat-experienced troops in known space (although this does not take into account the numbers of T-DF troops which remain classified).

NRF space-troopers, or “medium-heavy XE Infantry” are usually drawn from standard-infantry sources and are all heavily boosted as are its Heavy-Infantry, these troops are, by dint of their total augmentation, unable to enter ISS space or the Motherland and are restricted entirely to the Technosphere. The armaments and armour of the medium and heavy troops is of significantly higher-tech (TQ) than the standard infantry and carbon-composite armours, rail, coil and even pulse weapons are relatively common amongst NRF forces.

NRF space vehicles can be split into two easy categories: home-grown, representing their vast intra-system spacecraft of relatively low-tech designs and “leased” which represents the overwhelming majority of its military space fleet: these are almost entirely designs built and leased by either China or the UKS, although the NRF has now completed its very first military space-docks and the construction of its own home-grown space fleet is now firmly underway.

As the NRF is now largely independent in all areas it is recognised as one of the preeminent Powers within the Technosphere, particularly because it is, after China, the product of a single nation rather than a political grouping such as the UKS. Having said that the vast majority of NRF citizens are taking Prolong and as such it retains its dependence on the goodwill of the UKS, or more succinctly, the UK.

The modern NRF is a thriving, forward-looking faction with a tendency to keep things as simple as possible, but at the same time never to shy away from technology. It keeps away from bleeding-edge technology and is the acknowledged leader in Bionics. It has a very high integration of bionics within its population and is largely self-sufficient. It has a wide TQ range of Habitats and polices and militarily protects all of its own Habitats as well as its ISS holdings.