Introduction to the Technosphere

During the 21st-century humanity experience a series of events, culminating in a nuclear exchange between religious fanatics who had seized power within parts of Pakistan and India. This was the final straw in a series of seemingly unrelated events which had steadily but surely brought humanity to the edge of potential annihilation. This series of events this is now known as “the fall of mankind”.

The events which compromise the fall of mankind radically altered the relationships and how many of the nation upon earth. They also introduced us to the very first artificial intelligences and all of the many disappointments that flowed from them. The ever increasing levels of technological advancement served to weaken societies rather than strengthening them, and the disparity between those who had access to technology and those who did not, became as apparent and as divisive as the disparity between rich and poor.

Thrown into this mix was a wonder-drug, that radically changed the fate of the entire nation from within which it was developed, as well as creating yet another divide within humanity, this time between those who could afford to purchase longevity, by buying the drug, and those who could not.

The fall of mankind was prevented by intervention; the fact being the revelation that what we had always perceived as fail artificial intelligences, had in fact been able to produce their own offspring in the form of hyper-intelligent distributed intelligences. The Minds.

The Minds revealed their existence to humanity by seizing power and control of all technological devices, effectively shutting down modern life in an instant. This included the effective control of all military and civilian networks across the entire planet and even out into near space. The Minds presented humanity with a choice: they would help us to travel out into the starts, find and colonise new planets and new systems, relieving the strain placed upon our species by being tracked on a single and densely packed planet.

However, this choice would come at a cost. Humanity would have to work to achieve this goal and it would have to agree to put behind it the petty squabbles and nationalistic and religious intolerances of the past. Humanity need to sign up to a charter that recognised fundamental rights of all sentience beings whether they be biological or artificial, and which recognised that the rights of the individual should not be allowed to outweigh the rights of society. This charter would enshrine in law the fact that in many occasions the rights of society should outweigh the rights of the individual.

In addition the charter would restrict the levels of technology available to an individual society dependent upon that societies adherence to the laws of the charter itself. Societies that were unwilling or unable to accept the laws and conditions of the charter would be actively prevented from having access to, or operation of, technologies beyond a certain level. This was to become known as the technological quotient or TQ.

To administer and regulate TQ levels a new organisation would be founded by the name of the “governance of technology agency” or GOTA. Individual societies would govern themselves however the agency, which would lie outside of the various governments, would be responsible for monitoring and enforcing TQ levels within each and every society. To enable the governance of technology agency to be able to enforce TQ levels within societies, the minds would ensure that the agency itself would always have a level of technology superior to that of any of the societies within what would become known as the Technosphere. This level of technology would become known as UTQ or ultimate technology quotient and would ensure that the various departments within the agency would always have a technological advantage over all the other inhabitants within the Technosphere.


A desperate humanity overwhelmingly chose to accept the offer of the minds and commit humanity to a future path which would be at least initially dictated to it by non–human intelligences.

However, not all humanity elected to follow this new path and from its very inception and from the very moment of intervention parts of humanity not only refused to take part in this bright technological future, but would actively fight against it, using any and all means available to them with the ultimate aim of seeing humanity free from a condition of what it would describe as technological and social slavery.

So whilst the minds had prevented the fall of mankind and provided us with an opportunity to colonise the stars, the birth of its future human society, the Technosphere, was as with so many things in human history, clouded by the threat of conflict.

Whilst none can doubt that the Technosphere has fulfilled so many goals and desires of both its artificial and biological proponents, it has also through its technological stratification of humanity, produced a technological underclass, mostly resident within the independent Sol system which sits outside of the Technosphere and largely outside the reach of the agency, and seethes with anger and jealousy providing a near bottomless pit for discontent and aggression toward all parts of the Technosphere and everybody and everything associated with it.